About the company

ADVICOM ia a dietary supplement store, whose headquarters is located in Warsaw. The company sells nutritional supplements and nutrients tailored to the needs of different people, however, its special offer are preparations intended for athletes.


The decision to establish our store we have made at a time when we saw increased interest in supplementation, and simultaneously the lack of places where consumers have an access to a wide trade offer and could get help in choosing the right products. From the beginning, we stand up on the highest quality, which is why we sell nutritional supplements of only proven brands. The offer includes both preparations of Polish and foreign manufacturers. You can find among them products for athletes, and also for other people who want to enrich their diet with important nutrients. We also offer a very good supplements for the elderly and for people seeking to reduce weight. Any person who is interested in buying supplements or nutrients, are provided with assistance in selecting preparations fully tailored to their individual needs. We invite everyone to consultation with us, in particular, beginning athletes who would like to buy preparations, enabling them to achieve their objectives quicker.

People who buy our products regularly, we offer attractive discounts. We also organize frequent promotions and sales, so you can purchase your favorite products at even lower prices.

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